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Omni-channel Personalization

5 steps to building high quality 1:1 customer experience across all channels and devices.
Relevant. Consistent. Seamless.


Amy Ball, REI
Senior Program Manager,

Diaz Nesamoney, Jivox
CEO & Author

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Learn How to Personalize Digital Advertising with Omni-channel Dynamic Creative.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Personalized ads outperform rich media 3x.
It’s in the 2016 Benchmark Report.

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Higher Average Dwell Time
Higher Interaction Rate
Higher Click-Thru Rate

More Conversions, Less Guessing With AI

Turn opportunities into sales. This is just one of the 4 reasons to use machine learning and AI for digital marketing personalization. Find out the other 3.

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Real-Time Personalization for the Enterprise

Jivox IQ is the leading enterprise platform that enables global brands to deliver personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences to millions of consumers. The timing, channel, and messages of the ads are so spot on that your customers can’t help but engage with you. Here’s how it works.

The Jivox Model

Jivox IQ knows your customers’ preferences and purchase intents, what makes them loyal, and the contextual and environmental data that surrounds them. This big data is the power behind Jivox’s hyper personalization.
Jivox IQ’s Personalization Hub, the core of the platform, integrates proprietary, audience, contextual and campaign data in real time with thousands of creative and messaging variations to create millions of personalized digital ads in milliseconds.
Every ad created is customized to an individual and delivered programmatically, in all formats and across all channels. The personalized ads, videos and email are lightweight and rendered on the fly.
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