From Jivox CEO: Our Response to COVID-19

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Forrester Wave Report

Personalization at Scale

“[Jivox] client reference noted that it had generated 350,000 assets through the vendor in the past year in 22 languages, across countries and regions, and with a dozen-plus products.”

The Forrester Wave™:
Creative Advertising Technologies, Q4 2018

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Smart Ways Brands are
Saving Money on Creative Production and
Boosting Media Performance Using
Dynamic Creative (DCO) Technology

Fortune 1000 Brands Deliver ROI Through Personalization

We’ve squeezed as much as we can out of media targeting and optimization. The next big lever we will use to achieve better efficiency and performance is optimizing creative and content for relevance and engagement.”

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Global brands ROI whitepaper
How Global Brands Use DCO

White Paper

How Global Brands Use DCO to Efficiently Scale Personalization

Learn how global brands adopt automation tools in their creative production process to achieve efficiency and scale.

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5 “Whats” Marketers Ask About DCO and ROI


5 “Whats” Marketers Ask About DCO and ROI

Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell answers the most asked questions about dynamic creative (DCO) technology.

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More Conversion, Less Guessing with AI


More Conversion,
Less Guessing with AI

Discover the 4 reasons to use AI and machine learning for personalized digital marketing.

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Omni-channel Personalization: Boosts Engagement by 4x

Benchmark Report

Omni-channel Personalization Boosts Engagement by 4x

Get insight into the positive impact of combining omni-channel marketing and personalized messaging.

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Deliver Relevance with Data-Driven Insights

On-Demand Webinar

Deliver Relevance with Data-Driven Insights

Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell and Jivox’s Diaz Nesamoney discuss how to use data to scale personalized messaging.

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Identity & Personalization in a Post-Cookie World

On-Demand Webinar

Identity And Personalization In A Post-Cookie World

Here’s what brands need to know as digital marketing transitions into a post-cookie world.

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Real-Time Personalization for the Enterprise

Jivox IQ is the leading enterprise platform that enables global brands to deliver personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences to millions of consumers. The timing, channel, and messages of the ads are so spot on that your customers can’t help but engage with you. Here’s how it works.

The Jivox Model

Jivox IQ knows your customers’ preferences and purchase intents, what makes them loyal, and the contextual and environmental data that surrounds them. This big data is the power behind Jivox’s hyper personalization.
Jivox IQ’s Personalization Hub, the core of the platform, integrates proprietary, audience, contextual and campaign data in real time with thousands of creative and messaging variations to create millions of personalized digital ads in milliseconds.
Every ad created is customized to an individual and delivered programmatically, in all formats and across all channels. The personalized ads, videos and email are lightweight and rendered on the fly.
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Brands That Trust Us

“To be truly personalized with content, you must understand not only who you’re targeting, but also the setting that they’re in and the signals they’ve shared or relationship/conversation they’re developing with your brand.”

“Our Social Media click-through rate is four times the Salesforce benchmark for Facebook ads, and display CTR is 2.7 times the Google benchmark, using Jivox’s AI-driven personalization platform.”

Get Results With Personalization

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