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Dynamic Creative Technology Tiers

In the journey towards personalizing your digital marketing and advertising, Jivox is your partner that guides you along the way. Below are examples of ads that demonstrate the milestones customers reach to achieve hyper personalization and reap its full benefits.

Basic DCO

Choose advanced optimization of creative based on CTR, view-thru and click-thru conversions, interactions, revenue, unit sales, and other customized metrics to improve your ad campaign performance.


This is a performance-driven creative. We optimize creative rotation with multiple images, messages and calls-to-action. See examples above targeting female and male audiences. See full demo


This is a performance-driven creative. We optimize creative rotation with multiple images, messages and calls-to-action. See examples above targeting “likely” audience segment and “medium to heavy congestion sufferers” segment. See full demo

Standard DCO

Personalize experience and messages using contextual data will help you precisely deliver relevant content to the right audience during their purchase-intent micro moments. Continuous creative optimization helps you serve the highest performing ads given specified conditions.


We personalize an ad using contextual data, such as the week of the month as the trigger. The optimized performance-based creative promotes relevant images and discount rates. See full demo


We personalize the ad based on user interests (i.e., shopping, food, beach), the time of the year (e.g., summer season), user’s browsing behavior, and finally all-in-return airfare offer itself. The campaign strategies focus on Retargeting and Prospecting. The performance-based creatives are optimized for increased CTR and flight booking.
See full demo

Hyper Personalization

Neuron™ machine learning algorithms instantly deliver personalization in real-time, such as recommendation, retargeting, dynamic audience scoring for significantly greater campaign performance and ROI.


We personalize the ad based on gender, hobbies and weather. We activate consumer-specific interests as triggers and recommend relevant product(s) dynamically. See full demo


Using IHG’s first-party data or Jivox pixels that gather IHG website data, we personalize the ad based on travel destination interest, hotel club membership, brand preferences, and language. Geographic location is the trigger for local currency. Hotel room pricing is personalized for consumers’ low cost preference. See full demo

The use of vertical-specific triggers and metrics to personalize messages can accelerate conversions.

See vertical performance samples