The ROI in DCO

Independent Principal Analyst Joanna O’Connell answers the most-asked questions.

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Jivox IQ Identity Graph

Learn how to build 1:1 relationships with consumers without relying on third-party cookies

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5 “Whats” Marketers Ask About DCO and ROI

Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell answers the most-asked questions about DCO and marketing ROI.

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+ Jivox IQ

Combine WEATHERfx data with Jivox IQ to activate accurate and meaningful messaging in real-time.

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Native DCO

Personalize omnichannel Native DCO for 1:1 experience.

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AI and Digital

4 reasons to use AI and machine learning for personalized digital marketing.

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Neuron-Powered Recommendation Engine

Learn how to increase relevance of ad content.

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Jivox Facebook

Personalize Facebook ads using Jivox dynamic creative optimization.

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Customer Journey

See the best performing paths of your campaigns in real-time to maximize conversions and cost savings.

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Jivox and AppNexus

Learn how Jivox and AppNexus are reinventing online ad retargeting.

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Jivox At-A-Glance

Get a complete overview of the benefits, technology and infrastructure behind this powerful platform.

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Dynamic Creative Optimization

Use data and AI to evolve your digital advertising strategy from retargeting to personalization.

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Omnichannel Personalization

5 steps to building high quality 1:1
customer experience across all channels and devices.

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