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Reach Your Target Every Time

Get in-depth statistics on the impact of personalization
on digital ad performance


Case Studies

The world’s top retail, e-commerce, and travel brands are already experiencing the ROI of personalizing messages with Jivox IQ.


Personalization was their top strategy, with each ad dynamically generated on-the-fly based on time, day, viewer preferences and local weather.

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eBay rolls out personalized ads based on audience, geo and time data signals to introduce its LiveAuction site to new customers.

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Time, Inc.

Personalized digital ads leverage geo-targeting to drive magazine buyers into 11 unique retail stores for a point-of-sale campaign.

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Miami Tourism

Miami Tourism serves up interactive quizzes and invites tourists to Florida using data driven dynamic ads localized by language and country.

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Datasheets & E-Books

Best Practices for Programmatic Creative

In 2016, advertisers are expected to spend almost half of their digital media budgets on programmatic ad buys.

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Jivox At-A-Glance

Get a complete overview of the benefits, technology and infrastructure behind this powerful platform.

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Jivox and AppNexus Integration

Learn how Jivox and AppNexus are reinventing online ad retargeting.

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Jivox Facebook

Personalize Facebook ads using Jivox dynamic creative optimization.

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Neuron-Powered Recommendation Engine

Learn how to increase relevance of ad content.

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AI and Digital

4 Reasons to Use AI and Machine Learning for Personalized Digital Marketing.

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