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Diaz Nesamoney

Founder, President & CEO

Diaz Nesamoney is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who founded three successful technology companies, all harnessing the power of data to power enterprise and consumer applications.

Currently Diaz is Founder, President, and CEO of Jivox, a company that provides a technology platform for data-driven personalized advertising and marketing. He was previously Co-founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Informatica (NASDAQ:INFA), which he took from a startup to a publicly traded company in 1999.  Informatica pioneered data integration software as a category and is now the market leader with more than $1 billion in revenue and a $5 billion market capitalization.

Before founding Jivox, he founded Celequest and served as its CEO until early 2007, when the company was acquired by Cognos/IBM.  Celequest introduced the market’s first business intelligence and analytics appliance, a disruptive innovation that led to its acquisition.

Diaz holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India and is the holder of seven technology patents.  Diaz is also the author of the first book on using data and technology to personalize digital advertising.

Naren Nachiappan

Managing Director, Jivox India

Naren Nachiappan comes to Jivox from Wind River (NASDAQ:WIND), where as Vice President and General Manager, he was a part of the executive team responsible for reigniting growth and adding over $100 million to the top line in three years. Naren was directly responsible for taking the Device Management business from a concept to a multimillion-dollar revenue rate in under 9 quarters. At Wind River, Naren established the company’s first product development team in Bangalore, India, with a zero percent attrition rate through his three-year tenure.

Earlier in his career, as CEO of Proceler and as Senior VP at VenturCom (acquired by Citrix), he was responsible for pioneering several industry innovations such as ‘the first support for automated application acceleration using hybrid SoCs’ which resulted in Proceler’s nomination for the 2001 MPR Analysts choice award, and the first flight-essential certified UNIX for avionics applications on the Boeing 777.

Naren graduated cum laude from Harvard University and holds an MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Moritz Loew

Chief Revenue Officer

Moritz Loew is responsible for generating both services and enterprise revenue at Jivox. In this role, he is helping the next generation of digital leaders through formal and informal mentoring programs. He is an active member of the advertising and tech community across all major advertising verticals.

Prior to joining Jivox, Mr. Loew worked as SVP of Global Sales for Triplelift the world’s largest and best Native Advertising Exchange. He has also held strategic sales and product leadership roles with Time Inc, Huffington Post; NBC News Digital and Microsoft. In addition, he is an angel investor and on the Board of Directors for Clowder Tank, as well as advisor for young startups in advertising.

Shankar Venkataraman

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Shankar Venkataraman is a distinguished technology leader and a pioneer in the streaming data and analytics, big data, and machine learning space. As SVP, he will lead the future vision for Jivox’s AI-based programmatic creative platform, harnessing the growing capabilities of machine learning as it achieves greater outcomes for today’s brand marketers. He will also collaborate with agencies and brands on how to efficiently expand their reach to target audiences.

Shankar brings to Jivox three decades of experience in the design and management of data platforms, applications, and analytics–from both large-scale public companies and high-growth private enterprises. Most recently, he was the CTO of Everstring, where he led the team to scale the predictive marketing solution. Prior to that, he was Chief Scientist at Marketo, where he used real time processing, personalization and machine learning to drive innovation for the Marketo Engagement Hub. Before Marketo, Shankar was the CTO of the IBM Analytics platform, where he led IBM’s initiatives in Hadoop, Spark, and large-scale analytics. Prior to IBM, he had helped to build a real-time streaming product with Diaz Nesamoney, the then CEO at Celequest, which was acquired by Cognos in 2006. Shankar has also held engineering leadership positions at Epiphany, Outride, Remedy Corporation, Yodlee, and Informix.

Shankar holds an MBA from the HaaS School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, India.

Ketaki Rao

Senior Vice President, Product Management

Ketaki has over 15 years of experience from her leadership roles at several Technology and Digital Media companies including Amazon and Sun Microsystems. Prior to joining Jivox, Ketaki founded a startup to optimize nutrition of home-cooked meals for busy professionals. Before that, at Amazon, she was head of product management for Kindle Publisher Experience, and then for Kindle Productivity Apps designed for Kindle devices. Before Amazon, Ketaki was at Sun Microsystems, where she managed engineering teams working on cutting-edge SPARC microprocessors, coordinated hardware and software teams on launches of new computer systems and was selected to be part of the prestigious Engineering Best of Best program.

Outside of technology companies, Ketaki has co-founded Underscore Publications which had two books on the Amazon Bestseller lists and led the San Francisco chapter of the World Computer Exchange, an organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide.

Ketaki graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (with Distinction) from Manipal Institute of Technology, a Masters in Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA (with Distinction) from INSEAD.

Jaimie Villacarlos

Vice President, Global Partnerships

A part of Jivox since its inception in 2008, Jaimie Villacarlos has been integral in growing the business—working with teams cross-functionally to anticipate and exceed customer needs. Jaimie was on the marketing team during the early stages of the company, creating interactive ad campaigns and working with the engineering team to define product requirements. She then set up the Jivox global Client Services group and streamlined responsibilities and processes  as the company expanded to include full-service offerings.

In her current role as Vice President of Global Partnerships, Jaimie continues to extend the Jivox IQ Platform by building new partnerships and managing partner integration efforts. Prior to Jivox, Jaimie was part of the marketing team at Cognos.

Jaimie holds a BA in Product Design and Development from San Francisco State University.

Anna Luo

Vice President, Customer Innovation & Marketing

Anna Luo is passionate about introducing cutting-edge technologies to enterprise customers – putting them on the path of increased competitiveness and accelerated growth. She has two decades of marketing experience, most of which she has spent driving cross-functional collaboration to scale startups and contributing to successful exits via IPO and acquisition.

Anna’s marketing leadership role in infrastructure and business intelligence included Sentilla (now Ericsson), provider of predictive and financial analysis for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures; Coral8, a startup developing complex event processing platform that leveraged Project STREAM from Stanford University; TIBCO, a leader in event-driven platform and then 200-employee startup that went public in 1999. Her full-time and consulting role in other companies included Vidder (software defined security), Counterpane Internet Security (managed network security, now BT), and CTB/McGraw Hill, where she spearheaded an online ideation and networking program to improve customer experience and retention for a $35-million online assessment product.

Anna is an endurance athlete and has competed at the Long Course Triathlon and Aquabike National Championships and various regional races. Between her career and racing, she finds time to mentor young professionals and volunteers at the MIT Club of Northern California and MIT Global Entrepreneurship Network. Anna holds a Master of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley.

Sanjay Dahiya

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjay is responsible for product engineering and new initiatives at Jivox. Sanjay brings over 20 years of hands on experience in building a wide variety of software systems. Prior to Jivox, Sanjay founded two startups. First, a local search and marketplace platform that connected local businesses with their users and allowed them to interact online in several ways. Second, a mobile focused personalized video search and aggregation service that allowed users to discover new videos of their interest uploaded anywhere on the web by creating auto-updating dynamic video channels. Sanjay has worked extensively on large scale distributed computing systems like Hadoop and Globus with Yahoo and Hewlett Packard.

Sanjay holds a bachelors degree in computer science from NIT Kurukshetra.