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Creative Freedom for a 1:1 Experience
with Your Customers

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Personalize Your Creative Expression

Savvy digital marketers understand the power of one-to-one communication. The good news?

You no longer need to manually build every ad to wow each buyer or sacrifice creativity by using the rigid templates of many automation platforms that promise scale.

Jivox IQ’s Dynamic Canvas Studio combines the best of both worlds, offering creative teams complete design freedom along with the sophistication of data and AI-powered decisioning that drives hundreds of thousands of creative variations across all channels, in real-time. Now, you have personalization at scale at your fingertips.

Get Personal With
Dynamic Canvas Studio!

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Create Thousands Of Ad Variations Your Way

You don’t need to learn yet another design tool. With Jivox Dynamic Canvas Studio, choose any creative tool such as Adobe Animate, Adobe Edge, Google Web designer, or any custom-coded HTML 5 builder to create one ad, or a Creative Master. The Studio automatically swaps out individual assets from within the master file to generate virtually unlimited ad variations, at the snap of your fingers.

Visualize Variations
Before They Go Live

Catch those typos and text alignment errors before your ads go live. With the Dynamic Canvas Studio’s WYSIWYG editor, you can upload the creative master, swap assets to configure multiple variations, and preview the ads as they would render at the time of ad serve.

Plug & Play:
From Assets To Feeds

The Dynamic Canvas Studio can pull in assets such as copy, image, or product price from multiple sources. Simply upload them to our cloud-based Content Management System or plug in data from existing product or content feeds.

Scale Personalization
with Ease

Work with existing creative tools
Creative teams can design the ad with their own preferred creative tools while remaining true to their brand’s visual identity.
Create 1:1 messages
Generate variations at scale to serve the most personalized messages to individual consumers.
Save costs on creative production
Global Fortune 1000 brands saw significantly reduced production costs and increased ROI with Jivox IQ.
Launch campaigns quickly
Creative automation shortens your campaign launch time from weeks or months to just a few days.

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Let our experts show you how Dynamic Canvas Studio allows you to create large volumes of personalized ads at a fraction of the production cost.

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