Dynamic Video Advertising

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Personalizing Dynamic Video Ads to Win Consumers
with Relevant, Real-time Messaging

Jivox helps marketers increase ROI by delivering precise, relevant dynamic video ads to drive revenue, and streamline ad development to reduce the cost of creative production.

One Ad, Thousands of Variations

Personalized Video Benefits

  • Jivox’s standard-based dynamic video creative ease marketer’s pain of having to develop many versions of an ad for every micro audience segment, context, and video player, allowing them to scale the 1:1 experience quickly and easily.

  • Streamline ad development and reduce creative production costs.

  • One ad, many variations of video, messages, and any overlay content for interactive videos.

  • Empowers brands to drive revenue by serving relevant messages using dynamic video—the consumer-preferred ad format.

ROI Drivers for Video

Delivering Relevance Based on Data Triggers

Flexible Design Options

Jivox IQ

Jivox IQ video editor brings convenience to marketers to build and edit video creative variants.

Adobe After Effects

Jivox is integrated with Adobe After Effects, a leading software and industry-standard tool for video compositing, motion graphics design, and animation. This integration brings ease and flexibility to video editing using the Jivox platform. Build a base creative video using After Effects, Jivox  platform automatically generates all video variations for use in a personalized video ad campaign.

The Jivox Advantages

  • Dynamic video ads are built on Jivox’s AI-powered personalization platform

  • Micro-segmentation of audiences helps marketers create and serve relevant video ad content to the right micro audiences, in real time

  • All Jivox signals are available for personalizing video ads through Jivox’s decision graphs

  • For VAST, Jivox can dynamically change the video source to show the most relevant variation

  • With VPAID, Jivox can also include additional relevant context in an overlay

  • Content can be set up using asset uploads, FTP folders, and S3 buckets

  • Videos can be auto-generated using a video editing and rendering workflow

“The rise of dynamic and personalized video, the significant amounts of data available, combined with dynamic video technology, allow video ad messaging to tailor to very specific audiences, and even individuals.”

— Diaz Nesamoney, Jivox President and CEO