Jivox enables its customers to develop and serve data-driven dynamic ads in all formats across all screens.

Data-driven dynamic advertising is an emerging capability in display advertising that addresses the demand for micro-targeted messaging by leveraging vast stores of customer, demographic and environmental data to intelligently personalize ads to an individual. These data empower advertisers and agencies to dynamically adjust product and brand messaging, product images, pricing and other ad content based on relevance to the user or market conditions, creating a better experience for the user.

Jivox IQ is used today by several hundred media companies and agencies to create and serve their most demanding creative campaigns, including College Humor, Everyday Health, Federated Media, FUOR Digital, Havas, Hearst Men's Group and Hearst Newspaper Group, Interactive One, Martini Media, Razorfish, Sun Times Media, Universal McCann, Videology and Wieden+Kennedy.